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 GP Block in Meerut


 Ghosts involved in merry-making

  •  Meerut was the birth place of Mandodari and as she was Rawan’s wife so it makes Meerut as “Sasural” of Rawan. Interesting huh?
  •  As per some noted historians, these houses used to be part of British Military establishment in 1930s and it makes sense because even today it is located right in the center of Meerut Cantt area.
  • There are no deaths related to this house. The only lore is that people have often seen 4 boys sitting inside the house, chatting in candle light and drinking alcohol. There have been sightings reported of a lady in red dress either leaving the house or sitting on the roof.
  • AddressMeerut Cantt, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh 250001.                                            ” love’
  •                                                                                                                   love

Ranked among the North India’s most haunted places, GP Block in Meerut is known for its numerous ghosts. Several locals have spotted ghosts of girls in red dresses and ghosts of men drinking right outside the building though none of the witnesses could figure out who these people really were. The ghosts disappeared whenever any brave-heart dared to go close to them.


The Story Of Mandodari’s Birth The Uttara Ramayana narrates a story about the birth of Mandodari. Mayasura (Maya), the son of sage Kashyapa is married to the apsara (heavenly nymph) Hema. They’ve got two sons, Mayavi and Dundubhi, however miss a girl, therefore they start performing penances to search for the favor of the god Shiva.

Meanwhile, an apsara named Madhura arrives in Mount Kailash, the abode of Shiva, to cover her respects. In absence of his wife Parvati, Madhura Expresses her love to get shiva and dances to impress shiva because music and dancing is one among those best way to worship.shiva refuses her . When Parvati returns,Agitated, Parvati curses Madhura and sends her to live in and a frog to get twelve years. Shiva consoles Madhura and states she will become a beautiful girl and also be married to your fantastic valorous male. After a dozen years, Madhura turns into a beautiful maiden again and again cries out loud contrary to the very well. Mayasura and Hema, that are performing penance nearby, answer her telephone and adopt her because of their kid. They bring up her as Mandodari.

GRAVEYARD IN DAGSHAI LOVE                       love

Ghosts that bless women with baby boys

  • Dagshai is one of the oldest cantonment towns in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh,
  • The name Dagshai, according to a popular local legend was derived from Daag-e-Shahi.
  • AddressHimachal Pradesh 173210

Not all ghosts present in the most haunted places in India are bad, or so believe the people of Dagshai. According to a tale, an 8-month pregnant wife of a British Army officer diedin an accident and was buried here. A marble structure of a lady and her baby being blessed by an elf in its lap was placed in this graveyard. A superstition among the wives of Indian Army officers exists that a marble piece from the grave would bless them with a baby boy.


FEROZ SHAH KOTLA                                               love

The ghosts that apparently haunt this 14th century fort are foodies with a sweet tooth. They are also supposedly very helpful. According to local folk lore, people can write their problems to the djinns, who would happily try and help you out. (Source: Milind Kulkarni/Wikimedia Commons)

Delhi: Every Thursday, locals can be seen lighting candles and incense sticks in select dark spots, offering bowls of milk and grain to appease the djinns and hoping for their wishes to come true. At times, you can also see mentally disturbed people coming here to find solace. Unlike ghosts, djinns are supposed to be shapeless beings who can marry and also bear children. Distinct from us humans, they are formless and can ‘live’ for many centuries. But like humans and ghosts — and unlike angels– they can be bad and moody. Legend has it that when Iblis, a djinn, refused to bow before Adam, Allah cast him out as the devil. The bad djinns prey on young women, especially if said young women are left unguarded or drying their hair on the roof!

address: Situated in the heart of the city behind ITO Press Lane and just next to Kotla Cricket Stadium, our first stop is Feroz Shah Kotla Fort



  • Mumbai’s favorite weekend getaway offers some amazing points to view the western Sahyadris. At any given time, you will find several couples here. As the weather is always pleasant and the ambiance is always romantic. However, did you know that there is a villa here that is said to be haunted for almost a hundred years? A few years ago, a filmmaker even set out to make a film on this villa on the Lonavala Khandala ghat but it never got made. In fact, the Khandala ghats which appear so scenic have their share of paranormal stories
  • Well, this is the story of a British couple in the times when Brits ruled India. This couple was attacked by a group of villagers and while the girl was raped and killed, her husband was thrown out. Ever since then, their souls continue to torment this area.’



Rich in flora and fauna, Sanjay Gandhi National park is also known for its female hitchhiker ghost. Many people have claimed that a female hitchhiker in white dress can be seen asking lift. The guards who have worked here at night also claim that the national park is haunted.

The lush green Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai is one of the most visited attractions of the city. People visit this park and explore it on rented cycles or on foot. The Kanehri Caves with their rock-cut structures and the rich flora and fauna of the national park are some of its popular attractions. But even though Sanjay Gandhi National Park is thronged by nature lovers every day. It also has a haunted tale that is whispered in hushed tones.

What The Guide Told Us”

Guide told us the lady ghost often seen in very night. She asks lift towards the car, sometimes she runs with them. If Driver doesn’t stops she starts her mysterious laughing. This time we saw the guide, looks really scared. I understand he is seeing her now in memory. He remains silent for some moments. “I don’t care who don’t believe”, then used slang in Hindi. “But I saw her laughing, impossible for you to imagine, Jay Shree Ram”, took shelter of God Rama. We also knew drivers there always.Stay focused such that they don’t slow the speed ever or change car direction anyhow. Because many cars were fell in accident by this haunted presence.


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